Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the game already finished?
A: We currently are in Early Access phase and the game is not yet complete. We will add and change features during time. To keep track of our development progress please take a look at our Roadmap.

Q: What features are already in the game?
A: To keep track of our development progress please watch our Trello Roadmap.

Q: Are people allowed to make video content & post it to YouTube or other similar video sharing services?
A: Yes. We encourage our players to capture in-game video and screenshots of their creations and share them with the Community.

Q: Where can I purchase {Undefined}?
A: You can buy our game on Steam.

Q: Is the game available only on Steam?
A: At the moment, yes.

Q: I have a game-play question
A: Please join our community on Discord!

Q: What feature will come next? 
A: We try to work very closely with our community and try to let you decide what whe should work on next. To take part on these polls watch our social media and discord channel closely!

Q: Where can i report a bug?
A: You can report bugs or issues on our Github Issue page. We monitor this page closely.

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