Start designing and building NOW!


The idea for {Undefined} came, because conventional games provide you with premade building blocks which can then be used to build stuff. But premade blocks always bring limitations. So we created {Undefined} where we provide as little premade objects as possible!

{Undefined} is a sandbox survival game like no other, set on life-sized voxel planets with realistic phyisics with the possibility to shape your own building blocks. From your custom made furniture, walls, crafting stations to vehicle parts. You shape the blocks which can then be used to build buildings, spacecraft and aircraft. Endless possibilites with as little limitations as possible!

Survive, gather resources and start designing and building!

Also take a look at our FAQ section!

PLEASE NOTICE: {Undefined} is currently in Early Access and doesn't offer all features from the beginning. Take a look at our Roadmap to see what's already in the game and what we're currently working on!

Feature List:

  • Object Designer - Lets you design your own building blocks and functional blocks (e.g. walls, furniture, machines, rocket parts, etc...)
  • Planets and Moons
    • Fully destructible Voxel Planets - Drill them for ores or build underground bases
    • Nearly life-sized planets and moons
    • Various biomes
    • Realistic atmosphere simulation
    • Realistic gravity simulation
    • Caves
  • Game Modes
    • Survival
    • Creative
  • Design Vehicles, Aircraft and Spacecraft - Our Object Designer also lets you build your own vehicle parts and therefor vehicles
  • Complex Systems and Simulations
    • Electricity
    • Logic System
    • Conveyor System
    • Thermodynamic Simulation - Heat simulation, heat distributes to other blocks
    • Oxygen and Gas System
    • Automation Systems
  • Farming
  • Singleplayer and Multiplayer
  • Utilizes Unreal Engine 4

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